Keynote speakers

Luis Garcia-Larrea,

Lyon Centre for Neuroscience (CRNL), INSERM and Claude Bernard University Lyon 1


Luis Garcia-Larrea (Madrid, 1956) obtained his MD and PhD degrees, and the specialisation in Clinical Neurophysiology from the University of Barcelona (Spain). He is currently Research Director at the INSERM (National Agency for Medical Research, France), Head of the Inserm / University research Lab “Central Integration of Pain in Humans” (NeuroPain) at the Centre for Neuroscience of Lyon, and member of the Pain Center at the Lyon Neurological Hospital. His main research interests are the cortical processing of somatic sensations, the diagnosis and prediction of neuropathic pain, and its therapy using cortical neurostimulation. He is author of more than 200 scientific publications and 50 didactic papers on these topics, and Editor of the Book “Pain in the Conscious Brain” (IASP–Wolters-Kluver 2016). He served as President of the French (2008-10) and European (2010-2015) Societies of Clinical Neurophysiology, as Deputy Director of the Human Biology Department of Lyon Claude Bernard University (2013-2018), and is currently Editor-in-Chief of The European Journal of Pain (2016 – ). He serves as member of the European Task Forces for the Assessment of neuropathic pain and
neurostimulation techniques (European Federation of Neurology – EFNS), and has received awards from the Institut de France (Neuroscience Prize 2009; Pain research prize 2015), the French Pain Society (Translational Research Award 2013) and the IASP (Ronald Melzack Award 2012).

Hélène Bastuji,
assistant professor

Lyon Centre for Neuroscience (CRNL), INSERM and Claude Bernard University Lyon 1


Hélène Bastuji. Born in France in 1955, MD degree from the University of Créteil and PhD degree on Neurosciences from the University of Lyon. Member of the Sleep Centre at the Hospices Civils of Lyon and of the Lyon Neuroscience Research Center, Central Integration of Pain Unit, Lyon, France. Author or co-author of 60 international publications and 29 didactic papers. Member of the Scientific Committee of the European sleep Research Society (2001-2004). General Secretary of the French Sleep Society (2005-2009). Main research interests: central integration of sensory information during human sleep, sleep and cognition, sleep and pain.

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